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Smallville Super Girl review

200th homecoming episode

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Lazarus Review

*OMG!!!! The epicness(know it's not a real word) picked right back up where Salvation left out. I loved the scene and how it was shot, especially the Abyss scene. I also loved Lois and Clark lying together in the rain and Lois thinking Clark is Dead.

*From there we see Chloe watching the final moments of Oliver before he was taken.

*The Chlark scene was great.

*The cutest scene to me was that of the DP with Lois and Clark....How funny was Lois.

*Oliver got beat up pretty bad, but Chloe trading herself for Oliver.....hmmmmmmmm. Another example of Chloe not being forthright with Clark.

*Tess finding all the Flexes(Fake Lex) and the little Lex....The actor who played him was so good and very similar to another young actor who had played Lex in the past.

*I will say older Flex looked like Lord Voldemort from Happy Potter.

*I also think Jor-El was playing Jonathan for Clark, he played the Good dad and the bad Dad to get the message through to Clark.

*Flex stringing Lois up like Clark in the Pilot episode that was pure genius.

* Angry Clark almost killing Flex was OMG!!! I mean Clark did tell Zod last year you mess with Lois and I will destroy you all. LOL

*Flex telling Lois she was his weakness made me so angry.

*Clark saving the DP globe, I don't care he WAS flying.

*Clark's look when he saw Lois' note saying she was going to Africa and Lois look while seeing the pic of them together as she was in the desert heartbreaking for sure.

*Clark and Jonathan talk even though I think it was jor-El manifesting himself as Jonathan Kent.

*The Darkseid at the end OMG!!!!

*Tess with little Flex...Wonder if she poisoned that milk LMAO

*One last thing Clark was so so hawt and sexy tonight.

Smallvillle-Lazarus- First Clois Scene.avi

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OMG s10 premiere Review

Of course, we all know that Season 10 is the last we'll see of "Smallville," but it doesn't really feel real until we hear Tom Welling's voice open the season premiere with: "And now, the final season of 'Smallville.'"

The episode, aptly titled "Lazarus," begins immediately where last season's finale left off. Clark is, for all accounts and purposes, dead. As Lois (Erica Durance) cries over his body, Clark wakes up in the cornfield.

In a clearing is the crucifix he was strung up on in the series premiere, crowded with crows. Behind him is his own grave. Before he's resurrected, Clark comes face to face -- briefly -- with his greatest opponent.

We don't want to give away too much and ruin your fun, but here's what we can tell you.

Yes, you will see Lex in this episode. Sort of. We're reminded of the innocent way we first saw Lex, as a young child, and we'll see the dark, ugly villain he has been twisted into. Of course, as we know, "there can only be one Lex Luthor."
Tess's injuries won't last forever -- but when you see how she heals - and who heals her - you'll be shocked.
Clark's death and resurrection may have left him with new abilities.
Longtime fans will get the chance to reminisce about some old friends as Lois's investigation leads her to Chloe's old Torch articles.
You've all seen the photos of Lois crucified in the cornfield, which undoubtedly remember the Season 1 scene where Clark was similarly strung up. There's no coincidence here -- her kidnapper had a specific message to send.
We love Lois in this episode! She's funny, brave, and... okay, a little bit misguided.
Chloe (Allison Mack) and Oliver (Justin Hartley) won't appear in any scenes together, but don't fret, Chollie fans. The love these two show each other in this episode is unprecedented.
The day that Clark saved Lex from drowning ten years ago was Clark's first introduction to what Lex calls "the most damning of the seven deadly sins." It may be that darkness in Clark's heart that makes Clark the world's greatest enemy... if he gives into it.

Don't miss the Season 10 premiere on Friday, Sept 24, at 8 p.m. on The CW. In the meantime, leave your questions in the comments! We'll answer whatever we can.

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Smallville Season 10 Promo #2

Charade [Deleted Tess Scene]

Conspiracy [Deleted Scenes]

Persuasion [Deleted Scenes]

Clark and Lionel After Lionel knows for sure

Smallville Season 10 New Trailer Version 2 CW

Favorite Smallville episodes for all the seasons

Pilot, Stray, nicodemis, hug, Xray, hourglass

Duplicity, Heat, Red, Ryan, Skinwalker, Rush, Suspect,Fever,Visitor, Rosetta,Exodus

Exile, Phoenix, whisper, Slumber, Relic, Covenant, Truth, Perry, Hereafter, Shattered, Asylum, Obsession, memoria, legacy

Crusade, Gone, commencement, Krypto, Devoted, Transference, Run, Unsafe, Pariah, Recruit, Lucy, Onyx, Blank

Arrival, Mortal, Hidden, Aqua, Cyborg, Splinter, Exposed, reckoning, hypnotic, vengeance,Mercy,Vessel

Justice, Hydro, Arrow, Combat, crimson, Promise, fallout, rage, Labyrinth, Phantom, Nemesis

Bizarro, Cure, Siren, Apocalypse, Action, persona, Lara, Fracture, Descent,Veritas, Traveler, Arctic, Sneeze, fallout

Odyssey, commitment, Stiletto, Instinct, Identity, Bride, Bloodline, Hex, Legion, Abyss, Infamous, Injustice, eternal.

Salvation, Savior, Pandora, Charade, Hostage, Absolute Justice, Upgrade, Echo, Crossfire, Idol, Kandor, Persuasion, Checkmate, escape, sacrifice.

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My ustream

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My From Spring so you can Ask me Questions

Smallville Bring me to life

Smallville - Season 9 on DVD - TV Spot

Comic Con 2010 Smallville Panel clip 9

Comic Con 2010 Smallville Panel Clip 8

Comic Con 2010 Smallville Panel clip 7

Comic Con 2010 Smallville Panel clip 6

Comic Con 2010 Smallville Panel clip 5

Comic Con 2010 Smallville panel clip 4

Comic Con 2010 Smallville Panel clip 3

Comic Con 2010 Smallville Panel clip 2

Comic Con 2010 Smallville Panel Clip 1

Tweet from Al Septien

Terrilynne15 @alseptien Will we get a HawkArrow Kiss? They are a fan fav, came in 3rd in a poll :)
@Terrilynne15 LOL!! I'll ask Justin, next time I see him.
3 hours ago · Comment · Like · Promote

Jonathan Kent, Brainiac, and SuperGirl to Return in S10

Rumors have it we may get Lionel. Blue Beetle and Booster Gold will be in S10 in a Georff Johns Episode.

Smallville Season 10 spoilers


Smallville Season 10 Trailer. (Comic Con 2010) HD

OMG!!!!! HawkArrow placed 3rd in Fav Couple on k-Site

744 votes for my ship, so awesome. It totally made my day.

Here is the new HawkArrow fan page on Facebook!/pages/HawkArrow-HawkmanGreen-Arrow/144403935589572?v=wall&ref=ts

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Ranking the Episodes of Season 9. Best to worst

2.Absolute Justice part2
6.Absolute Justice part 1

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HAWKARROW one shot

Rated R

“Hey Green Punching bag”

“Hey Big Bird”

That was all it took before I was in Hawkman's arms. I had never in my life felt the passion, I feel for him. I have been with hundreds and thousand's of women, but no one has ever sparked the desire and passion in me that Hawkman has. I ran my hands over his mace and back around to stroke his wings.The silky feel of them causes my blood to catch fire.

He takes off my glasses and voice modulator before he takes down my hood, he says he wants to look into my eyes and see the passion. Next thing I know, we are both shirtless, chest to chest. Neither of us breathing normally. I hitch my leg up on his hip to bring myself closer to his little Hawkman, and wow lil Hawk ain't so little.

Hours later we are laying in bed together spooning and spent. I have never felt so complete before, I was bursting from the seams with happiness.

Green Arrow: I just want you to know that you complete me.

Hawkman: Yeah, I know.

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Smallville - Salvation - 9X21 - Clark vs Zod


Smallville Season 10 OD


8:00-9:00 P.M. “SMALLVILLE”

Entering its explosive tenth and final season, SMALLVILLE culminates in the epic rise of the world’s ultimate hero – Superman. Finally working alongside the intrepid Lois Lane at the Daily Planet, Clark Kent had accepted his destiny as the guardian of Metropolis when General Zod arrived, challenging Clark’s authority and power. Just when the romance between Clark and Lois began to bloom, Clark was called into duty by the legendary Justice Society and his own burgeoning league of heroes to fight the gathering dark forces. As season nine drew to a close, Clark sacrificed himself to save the world from Zod.
Season ten promises the classic reuniting of the timeless romance between Clark and Lois, and brings Clark face-to-face with his destiny as he overcomes his final trials and forges the iconic identity that will be known for all time.
The series stars Tom Welling as Clark Kent, Erica Durance as Lois Lane, Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen and Cassidy Freeman as Tess Mercer. SMALLVILLE was developed for television by Alfred Gough & Miles Millar (“Shanghai Noon,” “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor”), based on the DC Comics characters. Kelly Souders & Brian Peterson serve as executive producers, along with James Marshall, Mike Tollin, Brian Robbins, Joe Davola and Tom Welling. The series is produced by Tollin/Robbins Productions, Millar/Gough Ink and Warner Bros. Television. SUPERMAN was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

It's not easy to be me!


Clark Kent and Clois - Ready to fly

I Love this Video

CONFIRMED..SEASON 10 to be last/Allison Mack will not return.

This link has both the links for the Season 10 and Allison Mack News.

While I knew Season 10 would most likely be the last, I am still sad. Smallville is my favorite show ever about one of my Favorite characters ever. I love the Characters and the actors. Smallville has been so much a part of my life going on 10 years now. I don't really care for any other show except Smallville. I like a few like TrueBlood, The Tudors, White Collar, and Psych, but after that I could care less. Of course I have football, but you get what I am saying here. Over the Summer, I will so my all-time list up to date and then after season 10 I will do them again to see how they have changed by series end.

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It's not easy

This is my first Smallville fanfic, Clois heavy

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How FREAKIN EPIC was Salvation?

It opened up with Clark getting a dream preview of his Future in 2013 as Superman. It shows Lois wearing Glasses and sporting a Big ass rock(you go Clark). Then he wakes up and Ma Kent has sent him a gift with the Traditional Superman Crest. I doubt it's the traditional suit, but it will have the Crest and I am sure the Red and Blue Color.

Then we see Zod coming forth to Lois as The Blur and he says Clark Kent isn't who she thought he was, but dangerous. Um, Zod you have that so Backwards, but I digress for a moment. Lois then tells the one named wonder "Smallville" would hurt a fly(Um, Lois he's the Blur and can hurt anything, but you get what I mean). Zod tells her to investigate because she is the best.

Then we get to Tess and Zod in the FOS and Tess has Green K knuckles and beats the shit outta Zod, but Zod gets far enough away and makes a Tess Ka Bob. Clark comes to see Zod has destroyed his Crystals. They have a few words and he finds Tess.

At the Hospital Tess says she is sorry to Clark and says she recovered some crystals the Kandorians made to get the Book of Rao to work.

Back at WT Chloe and Oliver talk over satellite and it almost seems like they want to say I love you, but not yet folks.

Back at WT we see Hawkman, Cyborg, Martian Man-Hunter, Star-girl, and Black Canary all on screens( Have to admit at first I was like Lame). Then Chloe and green Arrow at WT all talking about the plan w/Zod.

My man Clark walks in and takes charge telling them he will use the Book of Rao and he will never be able to come back. Hawkman starts a salute the whole team does. I think that means a ton coming from Hawkman.

***Gonna digress a lil and say the 3 second HawkArrow scene we got was great, but we need more HawkArrow. They have so much passion and sexual tension****

Chloe tells Clark that she is proud of him and walks away before she cries. Oliver then tells Clark he has to tell Lois, but he says that he doesn't want to her hurt by telling her for it to all be taken away(He remembers Infamous)and Oliver says you can still tell her bye.

Next Lois is in the barn and finds the Journal Virgil Swan had left to Clark through his Daughter Patricia who Lex had killed in season 7 to get the Key to the Swiss safety deposit box. I digress LOL

Lois says to herself how can a guy who kept a journal in HS ever hurt anyone and then she discovers the Kryptonian writings and the Book of Rao drawing Faora made for Clark. (Um, Clark, you really need a better hiding place for these things).

Clark opens up to Lois about how he knew when he came back to the Bullpen. He says he was lost, but when he came back and saw the light in her eyes and her smile he just knew that she was the one he needed and he needed her to know that because he only had this chance to tell her.

Lois tells Clark Perry White offered her a job in Kenya, Clark says congrats and Lois tells him she would stay for him, but they have to be honest ,totally honest. Then we get I don't know what you are talking about and Lois saying yes you do stuff.

Clark grabs Lois and gives her a hug telling her know what where he is he will always watch over her(Blur said that we he said Goodbye Clark) and he would always be watching. Lois gets that I heard that from the Blur, hmmmm Look. As She is leaving she looks hurt, but putting stuff together.

Back at the hospital Tess Flat-lines and the Old lady who has been there knitting gets up and goes to her room(Hello, Granny Goodness).

Oliver goes to get the Satellites up and he does, but is overtaken by what he calls.."It's not the Kandorians" (Hello Para-Demons from Darkseid, like we didn't pick up on all the hints during the season).

Clark goes to where Tess hid the Crystals(his Perch), he reaches into his pocket and it's gone, he whispers Lois. (Clark, you should have told her, but I get why you didn't, now retarded ass Zod made her steal from you, oy).

Lois is heartbroken over Clark and Zod can tells and says as much. Lois turns and said no her heart was Shattered. Zod puts his hand on her shoulder and she does like she did and Charade and realizes it's not The Blur. (THANK GOD!). She tells Zod she hid the book of Rao where she told him he was the most important person to her(which is where they are standing and she has it on her). Zod says "Unlike the Blur I could care less if you live or die and pushes her. Clark comes speeding around the bend and super punches Zod's lame ass like Sosa, Bonds, and McGwire. You see Zod being launched across Metropolis which made me laugh. Of Course Clark catches her, Like HELLO!!!!!!!

Lois gets up and sees the Blur and ask if he can ever forgive her for thinking Zod was him(Blur Silence)/ She has him to say anything as she turns around and gives him the BOR. Clark grabs her hand and turns her around up against him and lays one of the most hot, romantic, and bittersweet kisses I have ever seen on Lois(he uses tongue too). Before he speeds off you see a tear on Clark's cheek.

As Lois is trying to recover( A kiss like that from him,it would take me 6 months) she says "Clark" and then Smiles.

Clark goes back to his perch and Zod is there, they talk fight for a minute before the other Kandorians show up. Clark then baits Zod about Faora and killing his baby and Zod thinks he is whispering and forgets the others have super hearing and he just admits he killed Faora and the baby, he has that WTF look on his face and Clark is trying not to smirk. LOL

Vala tells Kal-El to take us home, but SuperClose to your face Zod has one more trick up his sleeve, BlueK.

They have an epic fight and Clark sees that he is close to the edge and while they both have a handle on the BlueK dagger, Clark takes it and stabs himself and falls and Zod goes up with the other Kandorians....we see To be continued.....

Now we have to wait 4 months to see how this all plays out. I just hope they don't let Lois forget who The Blur is and all. That is my biggest worry right there. I don't think they will because Erica said on twitter they would have fun with the triangle which I am guessing is Lois will know and have some fun with Clark until episode 4(200 of the series, can you believe it, Smallville made it to 200 episodes).

I am super Geeked and Al and Turi so deserve a raise after such a great and Epic Finale. Clark9tom) was so much Superman in this episode. I have watched it like 20 since I got home from Texas. Tried to watched it in Texas, but CW WACO didn't show it, I was so fucking mad I could have screamed.

Anyway, My friend Emma and I are gonna write our season 10 so I will post that here and other news until Smallville returns...Please leave comments.

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Hostage review

Sorry so late with this, I was out of Town for a few weeks

Ok, I wasn't happy with the "Break-up", but I understood it. How awesome was it to have Ma Kent back home? I knew she was the Red Queen, it was just Obvious.

I loved the whole Perry and Lois thing.

I am not really going to do a review on this because I am still stoked about Salvation. When I get over my jet lag and can think coherently I will give a very in depth on the Epic that was Salvation.

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Charade review

The episode was a great one though he gutted me and broke my heart. 10/10 for me and Brian Peterson did an excellent job as a director for the first time. I so have to give a shout out to Tom Welling and Erica Durance, they should get Emmy's for their performance, so emotional, so deep. Though if I had to had to choose I would give Tom the slight nod, he ripped my heart out as Clark tonight and I cried for 3 hours after the episode ended.

My Guesses on the Red Queen....Martha Kent, Chloe Sullivan(she was wearing a red coat in next scene), Tess Mercer, and bum, bum, bum....Bridgette Crosby( I don't think that was really her body).

The Elevator Kiss we didn't see was great, but would have been better if we could have ACTUALLY SEEN the kiss. I mean if they are gonna rip our hearts out please give us some kisses first, please!!!!!!!!!!!

The finale scene was OMG!!!!, but Lois is not in Sacrifice next week so how will this be explained? I know they look happy With Martha and Perry in the Hostage Still that came out on K-Site today.

Anyway, I am pretty much so gutted right now, even though it was one of the series best episodes I wish they would have wrote Lois a bit different, but the two-sided triangle is iconic so.......

This is what broke me about the Clois scene at the end and Clark as the Blur breaking it off w/Lois.

You know through most of the show Clark was worried no one would love him he he revealed what he was and what he can do. Well, Lois proved that she loves that side of him. Now he wants to be loved as Clark and now he's not sure if someone can love him just as Clark, so heartbroken, gutted, sad, jealous of yourself kinda stuff. I know Lois loves Clark, but it seemed like she felt she wasn't enough for Clark and he deserved better and then they cut away before she answers and you see his face....cuts to black. The only thing keeping me going is the hostage still we got. I think they released that pic because they knew so many people would jump off a bridge if they didn't. I am gonna have faith in Clois until the show ends.
I am just so sad we had to wait 8 1/2 years for them to be a couple and it last 9 episodes and did anyone notice they jumped time between upgrade and Charade so we missed months of Clois love?

My poor, poor, Poor Clarkie Pooh

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Charade trailer

Charade trailer

see above, double post sorry


I give this episode a 10/10.

Clark/Kal-el have merged so much since the last time he was on RedK in Crimson. RedK Clark is so much Closer to who Clark is except he is not as forgiving as Clark would be.

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cold SHOWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The one and only clois scene was Clark waking Lois up with kisses. I wish Clark could wake me up everyday. If Zod interrupts Clois make-out sessions again I will personally hunt him down and kill his ass, I swear. Clark just needs to get her a silent phone or break hers. I swear. Come ON people we need so much more than that.

Clark showed Arctic breathe and Telescopic vision.He has used Super breathe, but not freeze breathe to make snow which was so cool.

Clark showing Chloe how to really use the computers was so awesome and her response was like I have been so demoted LMAO.
Ok, Why was Clark apologizing again? Granted he redecorated and pushed her, but HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She half-ass apologized to him. I can see where the weapons will come in handy, but they should have told Clark from the start and he might not have helped Zod Destroy them. What you get Chloe for not being honest with your friends.I am FINALLY done with Chloe for good. I don;t think that there is anything they can so to make me love her again. They have ruined Chloe, I miss the spunky side-kick.

Zod Giving the kandorians powers in the Fortress was Epic and I loved Brian Austin Green so much better as Metallo this time around. I loved how Lois told him Clark was the one for her that Clark was it. I was like awwwwww, how freaking awesome.

We didn't get an Oliver shirtless scene, but I am sure that we will get plenty next week.

Tess is pissing me the fuck off, This bitch really wants a war between Clark and Zod, does she get her rocks off to this? I swear she's a gay man in a woman's body or some crazy shit, I mean really Tess you don't know what you are starting you power crazy slut. WTF!!!!! No Charade trailer?????? DawnO we are looking at you witch.

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Review of Checkmate

This is gonna be kinda short until later because I am going to Gainesville to see the Gators spring game.

OMG!!!!!!! Martian Man-hunter is such an Epic bad-ass. Phil Morris portrays him to great.

Ok, I didn't like Clark apologizing to Chloe brainshee. What does Clark have to apologize for? I loved the character of Chloe for so long, but now I just am at the point where I don't care for her anymore. ***spoiler*** It doesn't look like it will get better for next week, RedK Clark is gonna bitch slap her and I hate to say this she deserves it. Sorry

Amanda Waller had the best line of the night. When Clark showed himself to her she says...."You sure are nice to look at and I like my cake and eat it too." She licked her lips and said mmmmmm. You know she might be evil, but she ain't stupid. I think Helen Keller would want a second look at Clark.

Cassidy Freeman did an excellent Job tonight, but her plot seemed forced in some scenes. Man, Oliver really took it to her and I was surprised that he didn't help her, but not surprised at the same time.

A good amount of people on K-Site didn't like the Episode, but I thought it was a strong one, much better than Warrior if you ask me.

I missed Lois,but she wasn't key to the plot.

I wonder if Martha is behind the Red Queen that upset Waller? It could be so many people....Maxwell Lord, MM, Martha, Lex, Veritas member we never learned of. Heck, it could be Bridget Crosby. I always doubted that she really died.

Only 5 more episodes left and I am sad because I have to wait so long for the new season, but this season Finale is shaping up to be so good.

The scene where Clark rescued Chloe was different and I liked it, it was a nod to the comics. I had to watch several times to catch Chloe because I really wasn't paying attention to anything but Mr. Tom Welling aka Clark Kent. Amanda Waller is so right I would want a giant ass piece of his cake. Hmmm, I would lick all the icing off first though. I am such a naughty girl, but it's so much fun.
Allison Mack did a nice job, but man do I want to bitch slap Chloe so bad.

Upgrade looks awesome. Update more later. Please leave comments

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Cyborg coming back for Salvation too

I just posted yesterday what happened to poor Victor Stone. Today I get my wish and Victor is back. I think I will posy today for Clois to say I love you and have Super sex. Hey! it worked for cyborg.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Black Canary Returns

It has been confirmed that Black Canary/Dinah Lance will return to Smallville for the season Finale Salvation. What will this also man for Chloe and Oliver? I can't wait

Sunday, April 4, 2010

OT: Shocked..McNabb traded to Eagles

I am not often left with no words, but I am now.

Zod and Tess doing the deed(children do not read this)

Zod's POV

As I was in the throes of passion with Tess Mercer I couldn't help but to think of who I really craved. The man, yes man I really wanted to fill my seed with...Kal-el. so strong, so firm, those blue eyes so like Jor-el's. Though, I think Kal-el is more passionate of a personality than his father. I wish I could of had Jor-el as well, but same sex was forbidden on kandor.

I could hear Tess' cries of pleasure as I entered her over and over again. I could feel her wetness all around my hardness, but I wished for Kal-el. I wanted to put my mouth around his strength, his hardness. I could feel my body ready for release.....


Tess' POV

Zod was so very strong and powerful, that alone was a turn on. Though I wonder how it would be with the strength and gentleness of Clark Kent. Zod was a nice lover and he gives me pleasure, but I wish I werr taking Clark's seed within me, to feel his strength as he released his power within my body. I could feel the climax coming.


Tess and Zod.....What did you just say?

Jor-el and Clark....The talk/Lesson

Jor-el: My son I know there are human experiences you feel you will never have.
Clark" What do you mean?
Jor_el: My son I know you believe that you can mate with a human unless they have or you don't have powers.
Clark: What does this have to do with my training?
Jor-el: I know you have desires and love for a human. I am here to tell you mating is possible.
Clark: No it's not, I could kill her.
Jor-el:I believe you have some memories of me in Smallville before even Jonathan Kent was birthed. I was with a human woman. I could control my abilities. I knew all my abilities and how to control them. I did not have the challenge of being raised a human.
Clark: but...
Jor-el: You can channel your desires Kal-el it is possible.
Clark:What if I was to get her pregnant? I mean no human condom can you know...
Jor-el: You can control that as well. If a human were to conceive with you the child would have no powers until they were under the yellow sun. Until the child was birthed they would have no powers because they would not be affected my the yellow sun.
Clark: Wow!

Clark is bathed in light and begins his training.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Oliver's Green Book

Zod and the Cow

I was on K-site and came up with this idea, but the fab picture belongs to kristinaps.

Chloe Sullivan

I just did not buy her speech to Oliver that she is over Clark. Even in committed last year you could tell there was feeling involved with Clark. Now she loved Jimmy, but she is lusting after Clark still. Just sayin. Agree or disagree?


Escape was a light and fun episode before the darker more serious episodes coming up.

The highlights for me were....

Lois and Clark snuggling on plaid sheets and pillows no less. Stupid Banshee interrupting their kiss and maybe that tour of the galaxy Clark promised her a few episodes ago in "Disciple". Though on the way back to the room the hand holding....awwwwwwww.

The brunch scene was hilarious, can you say awkward? LMAO

That Zod and Tess sure are naughty, but I think Clark will have to bleach the barn now, maybe even burn it down. How gross was Zod's family crest tat on his back?

Lois' red and blue lingerie.....Well, when she was with Oliver it was green. Lois knows the colors of her men that's for sure.
Clark singing in the shower was so freaking cute and WOW at the body. Possessed banshee Chloe just had to walk in and then Lois catches them and gets upset before Chloe passes the Banshee onto Lois.

Clark telling Lois he can wait for her forever, I so wanted to cry it was so freaking sweet.

The Clark and Chloe birds and the bees talk...Clark" I can control everything"...Gee, remind me as a Clois fan I must send Jor-el a THANK YOU basket. I think I might get that Super Sex sooner rather than later. Good God, how awesome was Clark last night? Sexy, assertive, and naked!!!!!!!! Damn! Chloe Banshee or no Banshee ruins everything.

Lois wanting to double date with Oliver and Chloe...I can see that now, but we won't get that.

Clark putting Lois on the counter and showing her she how he wants to please her...Good God in Heaven I need a cold shower.

Clark Kent so needs to try out for American Idol, he could sing to me in the shower any damn day of the week. I bet...hmmmmmmm I could just soap him up real good.

I thougght the acting was great from everyone, but Tom and Erica just outdid themselves and Tom Welling was win the entire episode. Tom just got better and better every scene....Dare I say they were super?

I will be back later to rewrite some of the episode. Not that I don't think it was great, but I would make a few less Chloe and Oliver, I mean come on people.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The upcoming Episode of Smallville...Escape

Oh Lois, I bet you could tell Chloe just how Oliver aims to please, but you really need to get on taking that tour of the galaxy that is called Clark Kent.

I know we had some future sessions, but I am all about the present. I doubt we get that here, but rumor has it we get a Clark shower scene. Man, the one day I want to be a shower and I can't Damn this world can be so freaking unfair at times.

I would think another funny scene is if they all met at the pottery barn, that would be funny.

I kinda like Chollie because Chloe and Oliver won't be making doe faces at Lois and Clark.

The best Smallville website in the world

I just want to say Craig at K-Site is the best and if you haven't ever checked it it is and you should.


I love the Show Smallville, it's my favorite show of all time. I will try to add a fun take on things and hopefully we can have some laughs.