Sunday, April 4, 2010

Zod and Tess doing the deed(children do not read this)

Zod's POV

As I was in the throes of passion with Tess Mercer I couldn't help but to think of who I really craved. The man, yes man I really wanted to fill my seed with...Kal-el. so strong, so firm, those blue eyes so like Jor-el's. Though, I think Kal-el is more passionate of a personality than his father. I wish I could of had Jor-el as well, but same sex was forbidden on kandor.

I could hear Tess' cries of pleasure as I entered her over and over again. I could feel her wetness all around my hardness, but I wished for Kal-el. I wanted to put my mouth around his strength, his hardness. I could feel my body ready for release.....


Tess' POV

Zod was so very strong and powerful, that alone was a turn on. Though I wonder how it would be with the strength and gentleness of Clark Kent. Zod was a nice lover and he gives me pleasure, but I wish I werr taking Clark's seed within me, to feel his strength as he released his power within my body. I could feel the climax coming.


Tess and Zod.....What did you just say?

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