Saturday, April 3, 2010


Escape was a light and fun episode before the darker more serious episodes coming up.

The highlights for me were....

Lois and Clark snuggling on plaid sheets and pillows no less. Stupid Banshee interrupting their kiss and maybe that tour of the galaxy Clark promised her a few episodes ago in "Disciple". Though on the way back to the room the hand holding....awwwwwwww.

The brunch scene was hilarious, can you say awkward? LMAO

That Zod and Tess sure are naughty, but I think Clark will have to bleach the barn now, maybe even burn it down. How gross was Zod's family crest tat on his back?

Lois' red and blue lingerie.....Well, when she was with Oliver it was green. Lois knows the colors of her men that's for sure.
Clark singing in the shower was so freaking cute and WOW at the body. Possessed banshee Chloe just had to walk in and then Lois catches them and gets upset before Chloe passes the Banshee onto Lois.

Clark telling Lois he can wait for her forever, I so wanted to cry it was so freaking sweet.

The Clark and Chloe birds and the bees talk...Clark" I can control everything"...Gee, remind me as a Clois fan I must send Jor-el a THANK YOU basket. I think I might get that Super Sex sooner rather than later. Good God, how awesome was Clark last night? Sexy, assertive, and naked!!!!!!!! Damn! Chloe Banshee or no Banshee ruins everything.

Lois wanting to double date with Oliver and Chloe...I can see that now, but we won't get that.

Clark putting Lois on the counter and showing her she how he wants to please her...Good God in Heaven I need a cold shower.

Clark Kent so needs to try out for American Idol, he could sing to me in the shower any damn day of the week. I bet...hmmmmmmm I could just soap him up real good.

I thougght the acting was great from everyone, but Tom and Erica just outdid themselves and Tom Welling was win the entire episode. Tom just got better and better every scene....Dare I say they were super?

I will be back later to rewrite some of the episode. Not that I don't think it was great, but I would make a few less Chloe and Oliver, I mean come on people.

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