Monday, May 24, 2010

HAWKARROW one shot

Rated R

“Hey Green Punching bag”

“Hey Big Bird”

That was all it took before I was in Hawkman's arms. I had never in my life felt the passion, I feel for him. I have been with hundreds and thousand's of women, but no one has ever sparked the desire and passion in me that Hawkman has. I ran my hands over his mace and back around to stroke his wings.The silky feel of them causes my blood to catch fire.

He takes off my glasses and voice modulator before he takes down my hood, he says he wants to look into my eyes and see the passion. Next thing I know, we are both shirtless, chest to chest. Neither of us breathing normally. I hitch my leg up on his hip to bring myself closer to his little Hawkman, and wow lil Hawk ain't so little.

Hours later we are laying in bed together spooning and spent. I have never felt so complete before, I was bursting from the seams with happiness.

Green Arrow: I just want you to know that you complete me.

Hawkman: Yeah, I know.

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