Friday, April 23, 2010

Charade review

The episode was a great one though he gutted me and broke my heart. 10/10 for me and Brian Peterson did an excellent job as a director for the first time. I so have to give a shout out to Tom Welling and Erica Durance, they should get Emmy's for their performance, so emotional, so deep. Though if I had to had to choose I would give Tom the slight nod, he ripped my heart out as Clark tonight and I cried for 3 hours after the episode ended.

My Guesses on the Red Queen....Martha Kent, Chloe Sullivan(she was wearing a red coat in next scene), Tess Mercer, and bum, bum, bum....Bridgette Crosby( I don't think that was really her body).

The Elevator Kiss we didn't see was great, but would have been better if we could have ACTUALLY SEEN the kiss. I mean if they are gonna rip our hearts out please give us some kisses first, please!!!!!!!!!!!

The finale scene was OMG!!!!, but Lois is not in Sacrifice next week so how will this be explained? I know they look happy With Martha and Perry in the Hostage Still that came out on K-Site today.

Anyway, I am pretty much so gutted right now, even though it was one of the series best episodes I wish they would have wrote Lois a bit different, but the two-sided triangle is iconic so.......

This is what broke me about the Clois scene at the end and Clark as the Blur breaking it off w/Lois.

You know through most of the show Clark was worried no one would love him he he revealed what he was and what he can do. Well, Lois proved that she loves that side of him. Now he wants to be loved as Clark and now he's not sure if someone can love him just as Clark, so heartbroken, gutted, sad, jealous of yourself kinda stuff. I know Lois loves Clark, but it seemed like she felt she wasn't enough for Clark and he deserved better and then they cut away before she answers and you see his face....cuts to black. The only thing keeping me going is the hostage still we got. I think they released that pic because they knew so many people would jump off a bridge if they didn't. I am gonna have faith in Clois until the show ends.
I am just so sad we had to wait 8 1/2 years for them to be a couple and it last 9 episodes and did anyone notice they jumped time between upgrade and Charade so we missed months of Clois love?

My poor, poor, Poor Clarkie Pooh

Friday, April 16, 2010

Charade trailer

Charade trailer

see above, double post sorry


I give this episode a 10/10.

Clark/Kal-el have merged so much since the last time he was on RedK in Crimson. RedK Clark is so much Closer to who Clark is except he is not as forgiving as Clark would be.

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cold SHOWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The one and only clois scene was Clark waking Lois up with kisses. I wish Clark could wake me up everyday. If Zod interrupts Clois make-out sessions again I will personally hunt him down and kill his ass, I swear. Clark just needs to get her a silent phone or break hers. I swear. Come ON people we need so much more than that.

Clark showed Arctic breathe and Telescopic vision.He has used Super breathe, but not freeze breathe to make snow which was so cool.

Clark showing Chloe how to really use the computers was so awesome and her response was like I have been so demoted LMAO.
Ok, Why was Clark apologizing again? Granted he redecorated and pushed her, but HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She half-ass apologized to him. I can see where the weapons will come in handy, but they should have told Clark from the start and he might not have helped Zod Destroy them. What you get Chloe for not being honest with your friends.I am FINALLY done with Chloe for good. I don;t think that there is anything they can so to make me love her again. They have ruined Chloe, I miss the spunky side-kick.

Zod Giving the kandorians powers in the Fortress was Epic and I loved Brian Austin Green so much better as Metallo this time around. I loved how Lois told him Clark was the one for her that Clark was it. I was like awwwwww, how freaking awesome.

We didn't get an Oliver shirtless scene, but I am sure that we will get plenty next week.

Tess is pissing me the fuck off, This bitch really wants a war between Clark and Zod, does she get her rocks off to this? I swear she's a gay man in a woman's body or some crazy shit, I mean really Tess you don't know what you are starting you power crazy slut. WTF!!!!! No Charade trailer?????? DawnO we are looking at you witch.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Review of Checkmate

This is gonna be kinda short until later because I am going to Gainesville to see the Gators spring game.

OMG!!!!!!! Martian Man-hunter is such an Epic bad-ass. Phil Morris portrays him to great.

Ok, I didn't like Clark apologizing to Chloe brainshee. What does Clark have to apologize for? I loved the character of Chloe for so long, but now I just am at the point where I don't care for her anymore. ***spoiler*** It doesn't look like it will get better for next week, RedK Clark is gonna bitch slap her and I hate to say this she deserves it. Sorry

Amanda Waller had the best line of the night. When Clark showed himself to her she says...."You sure are nice to look at and I like my cake and eat it too." She licked her lips and said mmmmmm. You know she might be evil, but she ain't stupid. I think Helen Keller would want a second look at Clark.

Cassidy Freeman did an excellent Job tonight, but her plot seemed forced in some scenes. Man, Oliver really took it to her and I was surprised that he didn't help her, but not surprised at the same time.

A good amount of people on K-Site didn't like the Episode, but I thought it was a strong one, much better than Warrior if you ask me.

I missed Lois,but she wasn't key to the plot.

I wonder if Martha is behind the Red Queen that upset Waller? It could be so many people....Maxwell Lord, MM, Martha, Lex, Veritas member we never learned of. Heck, it could be Bridget Crosby. I always doubted that she really died.

Only 5 more episodes left and I am sad because I have to wait so long for the new season, but this season Finale is shaping up to be so good.

The scene where Clark rescued Chloe was different and I liked it, it was a nod to the comics. I had to watch several times to catch Chloe because I really wasn't paying attention to anything but Mr. Tom Welling aka Clark Kent. Amanda Waller is so right I would want a giant ass piece of his cake. Hmmm, I would lick all the icing off first though. I am such a naughty girl, but it's so much fun.
Allison Mack did a nice job, but man do I want to bitch slap Chloe so bad.

Upgrade looks awesome. Update more later. Please leave comments

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cyborg coming back for Salvation too

I just posted yesterday what happened to poor Victor Stone. Today I get my wish and Victor is back. I think I will posy today for Clois to say I love you and have Super sex. Hey! it worked for cyborg.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Black Canary Returns

It has been confirmed that Black Canary/Dinah Lance will return to Smallville for the season Finale Salvation. What will this also man for Chloe and Oliver? I can't wait

Sunday, April 4, 2010

OT: Shocked..McNabb traded to Eagles

I am not often left with no words, but I am now.

Zod and Tess doing the deed(children do not read this)

Zod's POV

As I was in the throes of passion with Tess Mercer I couldn't help but to think of who I really craved. The man, yes man I really wanted to fill my seed with...Kal-el. so strong, so firm, those blue eyes so like Jor-el's. Though, I think Kal-el is more passionate of a personality than his father. I wish I could of had Jor-el as well, but same sex was forbidden on kandor.

I could hear Tess' cries of pleasure as I entered her over and over again. I could feel her wetness all around my hardness, but I wished for Kal-el. I wanted to put my mouth around his strength, his hardness. I could feel my body ready for release.....


Tess' POV

Zod was so very strong and powerful, that alone was a turn on. Though I wonder how it would be with the strength and gentleness of Clark Kent. Zod was a nice lover and he gives me pleasure, but I wish I werr taking Clark's seed within me, to feel his strength as he released his power within my body. I could feel the climax coming.


Tess and Zod.....What did you just say?

Jor-el and Clark....The talk/Lesson

Jor-el: My son I know there are human experiences you feel you will never have.
Clark" What do you mean?
Jor_el: My son I know you believe that you can mate with a human unless they have or you don't have powers.
Clark: What does this have to do with my training?
Jor-el: I know you have desires and love for a human. I am here to tell you mating is possible.
Clark: No it's not, I could kill her.
Jor-el:I believe you have some memories of me in Smallville before even Jonathan Kent was birthed. I was with a human woman. I could control my abilities. I knew all my abilities and how to control them. I did not have the challenge of being raised a human.
Clark: but...
Jor-el: You can channel your desires Kal-el it is possible.
Clark:What if I was to get her pregnant? I mean no human condom can you know...
Jor-el: You can control that as well. If a human were to conceive with you the child would have no powers until they were under the yellow sun. Until the child was birthed they would have no powers because they would not be affected my the yellow sun.
Clark: Wow!

Clark is bathed in light and begins his training.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Oliver's Green Book

Zod and the Cow

I was on K-site and came up with this idea, but the fab picture belongs to kristinaps.

Chloe Sullivan

I just did not buy her speech to Oliver that she is over Clark. Even in committed last year you could tell there was feeling involved with Clark. Now she loved Jimmy, but she is lusting after Clark still. Just sayin. Agree or disagree?


Escape was a light and fun episode before the darker more serious episodes coming up.

The highlights for me were....

Lois and Clark snuggling on plaid sheets and pillows no less. Stupid Banshee interrupting their kiss and maybe that tour of the galaxy Clark promised her a few episodes ago in "Disciple". Though on the way back to the room the hand holding....awwwwwwww.

The brunch scene was hilarious, can you say awkward? LMAO

That Zod and Tess sure are naughty, but I think Clark will have to bleach the barn now, maybe even burn it down. How gross was Zod's family crest tat on his back?

Lois' red and blue lingerie.....Well, when she was with Oliver it was green. Lois knows the colors of her men that's for sure.
Clark singing in the shower was so freaking cute and WOW at the body. Possessed banshee Chloe just had to walk in and then Lois catches them and gets upset before Chloe passes the Banshee onto Lois.

Clark telling Lois he can wait for her forever, I so wanted to cry it was so freaking sweet.

The Clark and Chloe birds and the bees talk...Clark" I can control everything"...Gee, remind me as a Clois fan I must send Jor-el a THANK YOU basket. I think I might get that Super Sex sooner rather than later. Good God, how awesome was Clark last night? Sexy, assertive, and naked!!!!!!!! Damn! Chloe Banshee or no Banshee ruins everything.

Lois wanting to double date with Oliver and Chloe...I can see that now, but we won't get that.

Clark putting Lois on the counter and showing her she how he wants to please her...Good God in Heaven I need a cold shower.

Clark Kent so needs to try out for American Idol, he could sing to me in the shower any damn day of the week. I bet...hmmmmmmm I could just soap him up real good.

I thougght the acting was great from everyone, but Tom and Erica just outdid themselves and Tom Welling was win the entire episode. Tom just got better and better every scene....Dare I say they were super?

I will be back later to rewrite some of the episode. Not that I don't think it was great, but I would make a few less Chloe and Oliver, I mean come on people.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The upcoming Episode of Smallville...Escape

Oh Lois, I bet you could tell Chloe just how Oliver aims to please, but you really need to get on taking that tour of the galaxy that is called Clark Kent.

I know we had some future sessions, but I am all about the present. I doubt we get that here, but rumor has it we get a Clark shower scene. Man, the one day I want to be a shower and I can't Damn this world can be so freaking unfair at times.

I would think another funny scene is if they all met at the pottery barn, that would be funny.

I kinda like Chollie because Chloe and Oliver won't be making doe faces at Lois and Clark.

The best Smallville website in the world

I just want to say Craig at K-Site is the best and if you haven't ever checked it it is and you should.


I love the Show Smallville, it's my favorite show of all time. I will try to add a fun take on things and hopefully we can have some laughs.