Friday, April 23, 2010

Charade review

The episode was a great one though he gutted me and broke my heart. 10/10 for me and Brian Peterson did an excellent job as a director for the first time. I so have to give a shout out to Tom Welling and Erica Durance, they should get Emmy's for their performance, so emotional, so deep. Though if I had to had to choose I would give Tom the slight nod, he ripped my heart out as Clark tonight and I cried for 3 hours after the episode ended.

My Guesses on the Red Queen....Martha Kent, Chloe Sullivan(she was wearing a red coat in next scene), Tess Mercer, and bum, bum, bum....Bridgette Crosby( I don't think that was really her body).

The Elevator Kiss we didn't see was great, but would have been better if we could have ACTUALLY SEEN the kiss. I mean if they are gonna rip our hearts out please give us some kisses first, please!!!!!!!!!!!

The finale scene was OMG!!!!, but Lois is not in Sacrifice next week so how will this be explained? I know they look happy With Martha and Perry in the Hostage Still that came out on K-Site today.

Anyway, I am pretty much so gutted right now, even though it was one of the series best episodes I wish they would have wrote Lois a bit different, but the two-sided triangle is iconic so.......

This is what broke me about the Clois scene at the end and Clark as the Blur breaking it off w/Lois.

You know through most of the show Clark was worried no one would love him he he revealed what he was and what he can do. Well, Lois proved that she loves that side of him. Now he wants to be loved as Clark and now he's not sure if someone can love him just as Clark, so heartbroken, gutted, sad, jealous of yourself kinda stuff. I know Lois loves Clark, but it seemed like she felt she wasn't enough for Clark and he deserved better and then they cut away before she answers and you see his face....cuts to black. The only thing keeping me going is the hostage still we got. I think they released that pic because they knew so many people would jump off a bridge if they didn't. I am gonna have faith in Clois until the show ends.
I am just so sad we had to wait 8 1/2 years for them to be a couple and it last 9 episodes and did anyone notice they jumped time between upgrade and Charade so we missed months of Clois love?

My poor, poor, Poor Clarkie Pooh

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