Friday, April 16, 2010


I give this episode a 10/10.

Clark/Kal-el have merged so much since the last time he was on RedK in Crimson. RedK Clark is so much Closer to who Clark is except he is not as forgiving as Clark would be.

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cold SHOWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The one and only clois scene was Clark waking Lois up with kisses. I wish Clark could wake me up everyday. If Zod interrupts Clois make-out sessions again I will personally hunt him down and kill his ass, I swear. Clark just needs to get her a silent phone or break hers. I swear. Come ON people we need so much more than that.

Clark showed Arctic breathe and Telescopic vision.He has used Super breathe, but not freeze breathe to make snow which was so cool.

Clark showing Chloe how to really use the computers was so awesome and her response was like I have been so demoted LMAO.
Ok, Why was Clark apologizing again? Granted he redecorated and pushed her, but HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She half-ass apologized to him. I can see where the weapons will come in handy, but they should have told Clark from the start and he might not have helped Zod Destroy them. What you get Chloe for not being honest with your friends.I am FINALLY done with Chloe for good. I don;t think that there is anything they can so to make me love her again. They have ruined Chloe, I miss the spunky side-kick.

Zod Giving the kandorians powers in the Fortress was Epic and I loved Brian Austin Green so much better as Metallo this time around. I loved how Lois told him Clark was the one for her that Clark was it. I was like awwwwww, how freaking awesome.

We didn't get an Oliver shirtless scene, but I am sure that we will get plenty next week.

Tess is pissing me the fuck off, This bitch really wants a war between Clark and Zod, does she get her rocks off to this? I swear she's a gay man in a woman's body or some crazy shit, I mean really Tess you don't know what you are starting you power crazy slut. WTF!!!!! No Charade trailer?????? DawnO we are looking at you witch.

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