Thursday, May 20, 2010

CONFIRMED..SEASON 10 to be last/Allison Mack will not return.

This link has both the links for the Season 10 and Allison Mack News.

While I knew Season 10 would most likely be the last, I am still sad. Smallville is my favorite show ever about one of my Favorite characters ever. I love the Characters and the actors. Smallville has been so much a part of my life going on 10 years now. I don't really care for any other show except Smallville. I like a few like TrueBlood, The Tudors, White Collar, and Psych, but after that I could care less. Of course I have football, but you get what I am saying here. Over the Summer, I will so my all-time list up to date and then after season 10 I will do them again to see how they have changed by series end.

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