Sunday, April 4, 2010

Jor-el and Clark....The talk/Lesson

Jor-el: My son I know there are human experiences you feel you will never have.
Clark" What do you mean?
Jor_el: My son I know you believe that you can mate with a human unless they have or you don't have powers.
Clark: What does this have to do with my training?
Jor-el: I know you have desires and love for a human. I am here to tell you mating is possible.
Clark: No it's not, I could kill her.
Jor-el:I believe you have some memories of me in Smallville before even Jonathan Kent was birthed. I was with a human woman. I could control my abilities. I knew all my abilities and how to control them. I did not have the challenge of being raised a human.
Clark: but...
Jor-el: You can channel your desires Kal-el it is possible.
Clark:What if I was to get her pregnant? I mean no human condom can you know...
Jor-el: You can control that as well. If a human were to conceive with you the child would have no powers until they were under the yellow sun. Until the child was birthed they would have no powers because they would not be affected my the yellow sun.
Clark: Wow!

Clark is bathed in light and begins his training.

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