Monday, May 17, 2010


How FREAKIN EPIC was Salvation?

It opened up with Clark getting a dream preview of his Future in 2013 as Superman. It shows Lois wearing Glasses and sporting a Big ass rock(you go Clark). Then he wakes up and Ma Kent has sent him a gift with the Traditional Superman Crest. I doubt it's the traditional suit, but it will have the Crest and I am sure the Red and Blue Color.

Then we see Zod coming forth to Lois as The Blur and he says Clark Kent isn't who she thought he was, but dangerous. Um, Zod you have that so Backwards, but I digress for a moment. Lois then tells the one named wonder "Smallville" would hurt a fly(Um, Lois he's the Blur and can hurt anything, but you get what I mean). Zod tells her to investigate because she is the best.

Then we get to Tess and Zod in the FOS and Tess has Green K knuckles and beats the shit outta Zod, but Zod gets far enough away and makes a Tess Ka Bob. Clark comes to see Zod has destroyed his Crystals. They have a few words and he finds Tess.

At the Hospital Tess says she is sorry to Clark and says she recovered some crystals the Kandorians made to get the Book of Rao to work.

Back at WT Chloe and Oliver talk over satellite and it almost seems like they want to say I love you, but not yet folks.

Back at WT we see Hawkman, Cyborg, Martian Man-Hunter, Star-girl, and Black Canary all on screens( Have to admit at first I was like Lame). Then Chloe and green Arrow at WT all talking about the plan w/Zod.

My man Clark walks in and takes charge telling them he will use the Book of Rao and he will never be able to come back. Hawkman starts a salute the whole team does. I think that means a ton coming from Hawkman.

***Gonna digress a lil and say the 3 second HawkArrow scene we got was great, but we need more HawkArrow. They have so much passion and sexual tension****

Chloe tells Clark that she is proud of him and walks away before she cries. Oliver then tells Clark he has to tell Lois, but he says that he doesn't want to her hurt by telling her for it to all be taken away(He remembers Infamous)and Oliver says you can still tell her bye.

Next Lois is in the barn and finds the Journal Virgil Swan had left to Clark through his Daughter Patricia who Lex had killed in season 7 to get the Key to the Swiss safety deposit box. I digress LOL

Lois says to herself how can a guy who kept a journal in HS ever hurt anyone and then she discovers the Kryptonian writings and the Book of Rao drawing Faora made for Clark. (Um, Clark, you really need a better hiding place for these things).

Clark opens up to Lois about how he knew when he came back to the Bullpen. He says he was lost, but when he came back and saw the light in her eyes and her smile he just knew that she was the one he needed and he needed her to know that because he only had this chance to tell her.

Lois tells Clark Perry White offered her a job in Kenya, Clark says congrats and Lois tells him she would stay for him, but they have to be honest ,totally honest. Then we get I don't know what you are talking about and Lois saying yes you do stuff.

Clark grabs Lois and gives her a hug telling her know what where he is he will always watch over her(Blur said that we he said Goodbye Clark) and he would always be watching. Lois gets that I heard that from the Blur, hmmmm Look. As She is leaving she looks hurt, but putting stuff together.

Back at the hospital Tess Flat-lines and the Old lady who has been there knitting gets up and goes to her room(Hello, Granny Goodness).

Oliver goes to get the Satellites up and he does, but is overtaken by what he calls.."It's not the Kandorians" (Hello Para-Demons from Darkseid, like we didn't pick up on all the hints during the season).

Clark goes to where Tess hid the Crystals(his Perch), he reaches into his pocket and it's gone, he whispers Lois. (Clark, you should have told her, but I get why you didn't, now retarded ass Zod made her steal from you, oy).

Lois is heartbroken over Clark and Zod can tells and says as much. Lois turns and said no her heart was Shattered. Zod puts his hand on her shoulder and she does like she did and Charade and realizes it's not The Blur. (THANK GOD!). She tells Zod she hid the book of Rao where she told him he was the most important person to her(which is where they are standing and she has it on her). Zod says "Unlike the Blur I could care less if you live or die and pushes her. Clark comes speeding around the bend and super punches Zod's lame ass like Sosa, Bonds, and McGwire. You see Zod being launched across Metropolis which made me laugh. Of Course Clark catches her, Like HELLO!!!!!!!

Lois gets up and sees the Blur and ask if he can ever forgive her for thinking Zod was him(Blur Silence)/ She has him to say anything as she turns around and gives him the BOR. Clark grabs her hand and turns her around up against him and lays one of the most hot, romantic, and bittersweet kisses I have ever seen on Lois(he uses tongue too). Before he speeds off you see a tear on Clark's cheek.

As Lois is trying to recover( A kiss like that from him,it would take me 6 months) she says "Clark" and then Smiles.

Clark goes back to his perch and Zod is there, they talk fight for a minute before the other Kandorians show up. Clark then baits Zod about Faora and killing his baby and Zod thinks he is whispering and forgets the others have super hearing and he just admits he killed Faora and the baby, he has that WTF look on his face and Clark is trying not to smirk. LOL

Vala tells Kal-El to take us home, but SuperClose to your face Zod has one more trick up his sleeve, BlueK.

They have an epic fight and Clark sees that he is close to the edge and while they both have a handle on the BlueK dagger, Clark takes it and stabs himself and falls and Zod goes up with the other Kandorians....we see To be continued.....

Now we have to wait 4 months to see how this all plays out. I just hope they don't let Lois forget who The Blur is and all. That is my biggest worry right there. I don't think they will because Erica said on twitter they would have fun with the triangle which I am guessing is Lois will know and have some fun with Clark until episode 4(200 of the series, can you believe it, Smallville made it to 200 episodes).

I am super Geeked and Al and Turi so deserve a raise after such a great and Epic Finale. Clark9tom) was so much Superman in this episode. I have watched it like 20 since I got home from Texas. Tried to watched it in Texas, but CW WACO didn't show it, I was so fucking mad I could have screamed.

Anyway, My friend Emma and I are gonna write our season 10 so I will post that here and other news until Smallville returns...Please leave comments.


  1. As you said Terri,FREAKIN EPIC love your thoughts on Salvation, it just makes me so proud of our CLOIS im so in love with these two and im sure that when we resume S10 Lois will still know his the Blur, im wondering if we will get that Iconic scene where Lois holds Superman in her arms cause it could just happen as Matt said at 8:58pm they would share their last scene so maybe they might carry it for the start of the S10 episode due to having changed the start of Salvation?? but anyway once again love to hear what goes on in your mind Terri you always leave me with a smile look forward to some of your fanfic work and for your S10 thoughts.


  2. Yeah, I think that changed with the added beginning that was so Epic, I am so curious how this all goes. They are so married in the future. Squee

  3. awesome review love the mixture of humor thrown in.