Saturday, April 10, 2010

Review of Checkmate

This is gonna be kinda short until later because I am going to Gainesville to see the Gators spring game.

OMG!!!!!!! Martian Man-hunter is such an Epic bad-ass. Phil Morris portrays him to great.

Ok, I didn't like Clark apologizing to Chloe brainshee. What does Clark have to apologize for? I loved the character of Chloe for so long, but now I just am at the point where I don't care for her anymore. ***spoiler*** It doesn't look like it will get better for next week, RedK Clark is gonna bitch slap her and I hate to say this she deserves it. Sorry

Amanda Waller had the best line of the night. When Clark showed himself to her she says...."You sure are nice to look at and I like my cake and eat it too." She licked her lips and said mmmmmm. You know she might be evil, but she ain't stupid. I think Helen Keller would want a second look at Clark.

Cassidy Freeman did an excellent Job tonight, but her plot seemed forced in some scenes. Man, Oliver really took it to her and I was surprised that he didn't help her, but not surprised at the same time.

A good amount of people on K-Site didn't like the Episode, but I thought it was a strong one, much better than Warrior if you ask me.

I missed Lois,but she wasn't key to the plot.

I wonder if Martha is behind the Red Queen that upset Waller? It could be so many people....Maxwell Lord, MM, Martha, Lex, Veritas member we never learned of. Heck, it could be Bridget Crosby. I always doubted that she really died.

Only 5 more episodes left and I am sad because I have to wait so long for the new season, but this season Finale is shaping up to be so good.

The scene where Clark rescued Chloe was different and I liked it, it was a nod to the comics. I had to watch several times to catch Chloe because I really wasn't paying attention to anything but Mr. Tom Welling aka Clark Kent. Amanda Waller is so right I would want a giant ass piece of his cake. Hmmm, I would lick all the icing off first though. I am such a naughty girl, but it's so much fun.
Allison Mack did a nice job, but man do I want to bitch slap Chloe so bad.

Upgrade looks awesome. Update more later. Please leave comments

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