Sunday, October 10, 2010

Smallville Super Girl review

200th homecoming episode

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Friday, September 24, 2010

Lazarus Review

*OMG!!!! The epicness(know it's not a real word) picked right back up where Salvation left out. I loved the scene and how it was shot, especially the Abyss scene. I also loved Lois and Clark lying together in the rain and Lois thinking Clark is Dead.

*From there we see Chloe watching the final moments of Oliver before he was taken.

*The Chlark scene was great.

*The cutest scene to me was that of the DP with Lois and Clark....How funny was Lois.

*Oliver got beat up pretty bad, but Chloe trading herself for Oliver.....hmmmmmmmm. Another example of Chloe not being forthright with Clark.

*Tess finding all the Flexes(Fake Lex) and the little Lex....The actor who played him was so good and very similar to another young actor who had played Lex in the past.

*I will say older Flex looked like Lord Voldemort from Happy Potter.

*I also think Jor-El was playing Jonathan for Clark, he played the Good dad and the bad Dad to get the message through to Clark.

*Flex stringing Lois up like Clark in the Pilot episode that was pure genius.

* Angry Clark almost killing Flex was OMG!!! I mean Clark did tell Zod last year you mess with Lois and I will destroy you all. LOL

*Flex telling Lois she was his weakness made me so angry.

*Clark saving the DP globe, I don't care he WAS flying.

*Clark's look when he saw Lois' note saying she was going to Africa and Lois look while seeing the pic of them together as she was in the desert heartbreaking for sure.

*Clark and Jonathan talk even though I think it was jor-El manifesting himself as Jonathan Kent.

*The Darkseid at the end OMG!!!!

*Tess with little Flex...Wonder if she poisoned that milk LMAO

*One last thing Clark was so so hawt and sexy tonight.

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